Case Study

For the Society of Mary, changes away from the large corporate-style parishes and schools to more mobile ministries meant it needed more vehicles.

Adjoining the change in mission, the Society of Mary was considering a change in the way it owned and operated its fleet. It looked for an economical solution with lots of safety features. It also wanted hassle-free motoring.

The Marist’s were looking for

  • safe vehicles
  • an economical solution
  • to be more transparent about managing their costs
  • vehicles they could keep for longer periods
  • the be secure in their investment

Some might call this “a having their cake and eating it too” solution.

In 2009, the Marist Fathers formally investigated the possibility of buying vehicles and owning them outright.

After evaluating several proposals, the Marists’ decided to buy rather than lease their vehicles, and from across a range of options Mazda stood out.

The all round excellence of the vehicles along with the care that Stephen Mills attended to the proposal meant Capital City Mazda became the Marists’ dealer of choice.

Key reasons why the Society of Mary chose Mazda

  • the Society owns the vehicle
  • the substantial discount is up front
  • all decisions concerning the vehicle are the Society’s
  • it was the economical alternative
  • no yearly rental or excessive management fees
  • the Society saved $20,ooo pa in insurance premiums alone
  • 5-star safety features
  • professional, obliging, up-front, honest, helpful relationship with Capital City Mazda
  • nation-wide dealer support
  • 3 years or 100,000km free servicing
  • hassle-free
  • a more stable “Statement of Financial Position”

Two years down the track, there’s no turning back. The Society has it’s cake and is eating it too.