Church Resources is pleased to introduce Capital City Mazda and their complete range of Mazda vehicles to Church workers and organisations in New Zealand.

  • save thousands on the purchase price,
  • save the hassle,
  • save on getting 3 years free service
  • save on insurance
  • save on on-road costs

The benefits are tangible. Choose from Mazda’s comprehensive range, and

  • enjoy 5 Star safety features
  • benefit from nationwide dealer support
  • have your new card delivered to a Mazda dealer near where you live and
  • get 3 years free road-side assistance
  • you make the decision when you want to sell
  • have your new vehicle delivered to a Mazda dealer near you.

It’s your car and it’s a hassle-free way to own a car.

inquirenow100The Church Resources deal is exclusive to Capital City Mazda, and where-ever your Church organisation is, Capital City Mazda will deliver your car, to a Mazda dealer in New Zealand nearest to you.

Interested? Make further enquiries about a new or use vehicle.