The Mobile Talkzone is best used by groups who talk to each other. Groups may be local e.g. a school. Groups on the mobile Talkzone can talk to other groups on the Talkzone anywhere across the country.

Any Church organisation or those working for a church organisation are eligible to make use of the Mobile Talkzone.

Availability of Vodafone products and services

The Church Resources Talkzone is available only through Church Resources.

Monthly Payments

Unless arranged with Vodafone, all bill are paid either by a Credit Card or Direct Debit payment.

Helpful things to know

This pricing plan is available only through Church Resources and Vodafone. Prices exclude GST.

The following call types do not attract pricing discounts, and will be billed as per your commercial rate plan.

  • Roaming overseas
  • GPRS calls
  • CS data/fax calls
  • Calls to 123 and 126 numbers
  • 0900 and 018
  • Additional text messages 17c
  • Txts to vote on TV feedback polls etc
  • International calls